Executives discuss the impact of operational excellence on business at an international event in São Paulo

Maior evento de Excelência Operacional da Europa, ‘Best Practice Day’ retorna ao Brasil depois de cinco anos e será realizado nos dias 18 e 19 de junho. Inscrições estão abertas.
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Europe’s largest Operational Excellence event, Best Practice Day returns to Brazil after five years and will be held on June 18th and 19th. Registration is now open.

Delivering products and services on time, with high quality and low costs is what ten out of ten executives of companies seeking high performance in their operations are striving for. In order to achieve better financial results, companies – national or multinational – have put a lot of effort into making better use of their most valuable resources: people, materials and assets.

And what may seem like a distant dream, or something that requires high investment, is actually not. To discuss how to achieve measurable and tangible results, on June 18 and 19, Staufen Consulting is promoting Best Practice Day 2024, the largest Operational Excellence Conference in Europe, which is back in Brazil, at the Santo Amaro Convention Center in São Paulo.

On this occasion, some of the country’s leading national and multinational companies will present their strategies for increasing efficiency, productivity, improving quality and customer satisfaction. By combining efficient, well-executed processes with well-trained leadership and appropriate technologies, these corporations have achieved significant results, standing out from their competitors in a highly competitive environment.

Executives open the “black box” and show the results achieved in their organizations

Executives from major market players such as Embraer, Suzano, Gerdau, Siemens Energy, BRF, São Martinho, Grupo Carrefour, Louis Dreyfus Company, WEG, Marcopolo, Construtora Tenda, Dürr Brasil, Agrosuper, among others, will present their main strategies and results achieved through the excellence of their operations – whether at the factory or in their offices.

In addition to the speakers, hundreds of executives, managers and specialists from renowned companies in various sectors, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Metalworking, Food and Beverages, Agribusiness, Pulp and Paper, Construction and Banking Services, are expected to attend the event.

economist opens the event with an overview of the Brazilian scenario

Considered one of the most influential economists in Brazil, Zeina Latif is a columnist for the newspaper ‘O Globo’.

In the opening speech, Zeina Latif, considered one of the most influential economists in Brazil, gives an overview of the current Brazilian economic scenario and outlines expectations for the next five years, emphasizing how the search for excellence on the part of companies can become a major differentiator for the sustainable development of the economy.

“In such a complex global geopolitical scenario, Brazil seems to be in a more advantageous situation. It’s a country that doesn’t have wars, with institutions that work. Ironically, despite all the internal problems we face, investors tend to look more generously on our country,” Zeina recently revealed in an interview with BM&C News.

Digitalization is part of Operational Excellence

One of the most eagerly awaited moments of the event is the presentation by the canadian writer and executive mentor Pascal Dennis, author of best sellers such as “Getting de Right Things Done” and “Harnessing Digital Disruption”.

According to Pascal Dennis, today it is no longer enough just to protect the business, but also to stimulate new growth using digital methodologies. “The world has changed. Operational excellence (also known as ‘Lean production’) and all its methods provide an essential foundation, but they are no longer enough to guarantee competitiveness. To thrive in our challenging new world, you need to develop ambidexterity – the ability to switch gears fluidly between the world of operational excellence and the world of free innovation,” warns the expert.

Check out the full program for Best Practice Day 2024.

Canadian author and executive mentor Pascal Dennis will be the keynote speaker at Best Practice Day 2024

Research shows that good management guarantees higher profits

Data released by the Harvard Business Review shows that better-managed companies are more profitable, grow faster and are less likely to die. According to the research, moving a company from the 10% worst to the 10% best in terms of management practices is associated with 25% faster annual growth and 75% higher productivity. The best-managed companies also spend 10 times more on research and development and increase the number of patents more than tenfold, which suggests that they are not sacrificing innovation for efficiency. They also attract more talented employees and promote greater employee well-being.

For the executive director of Staufen Consulting in Brazil, Dario Spinola, if they really want to implement a transformation, companies need to be clear about the need to acculturate excellence in all their departments, from the shop floor to their executives’ offices. “And this has to be top-down, i.e. top management needs to lead and continuously encourage the whole team so that the culture is established. This makes the results sustainable over time and enables businesses to reach new heights and become increasingly competitive,” concludes the executive director of Staufen, the event’s organizer.

guided tours to Embraer, Suzano and MWM Motors

On June 19th, participantscan choose one of the guided tours in three diferent companies: Embraer, in São José dos Campos; Suzano, in Suzano; and MWM Motors, in São Paulo. On each tour, it will be possible to learn in practice how these companies have implemented their operational and digital excellence strategies and the main results they have achieved.

In addition to the tours, the second day of the event also features three more exclusive workshop themes, where participants can deepen the knowledge acquired during the conference.

A guided tour of the Embraer factory in São José dos Campos is one of the highlights of the second day of the event.

speakers at Best Practice Day 2024

pascal dennis

Keynote Speaker

Zeina Latif



CEO at Construtora Tenda

Roberto Tkatchuk

President at Dürr Brasil


Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) at Grupo Carrefour Brasil

jorge costa

Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Louis Dreyfus Company

luis carlos marinho

Executive VP Operations at EMBRAER

andré machado

Financial VP at Siemens Energy

Luís Gustavo Teixeira

Agricultural and Technology Director at São Martinho

Júlio César Igansi

Industrial Operations Director at Marcopolo

vagner lucca

High Voltage Equipment Director at Siemens Energy

Sergio Wonczewski

Industrial Director at WEG

Veronica Gonçalves

General Manager of Operational Excellence at Gerdau

claudinei matos

Industrial Executive Manager for Consumer Goods at Suzano

alvaro ortiz

Industrial Manager at Agrosuper

isaac villablanca

Operations Manager at Agrosuper

Mariciane Zanchett

Technology Coordinator at BRF



Partner at STAUFEN.AG

Dario spinola

Managing Director at STAUFEN Brazil

Luciana Barros

Luciana Barros

Marketing & Academy Manager

Phone: +55 19 98876 5178



Best Practice Day Brazil 2024
June 18 & 19th, 2024
Local time: June 18th – 8am to 6pm (Get together until 8pm)
                 June 19th – check the schedule for each tour or workshop

Information and registration:
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